Sex life tips

Turn chores into foreplay. You can also ask Health24's sexologist , Dr Marelize Swart, any sex-related questions. Weight gain due to bad eating habits can also have an impact on your sex life — not only is excess weight bad for your heart , but it can also affect your self-esteem negatively. During intercourse, many women feel that the G-spot can be most easily stimulated when the man enters from behind. The excitement, even the passion, are MIA. On one level, sex is just another hormone-driven bodily function designed to perpetuate the species. While all herbs and spices supposedly do you good. Cutting down or quitting smoking is one of the first steps to improve performance. Lay off the alcohol While red wine is often deemed good for your sex life, excess use of alcohol can kill your libido, making good sex difficult, if not impossible.

Sex life tips

Increased libido is often an added benefit of losing those extra pounds. You must be sexually aroused to be able to locate your G-spot. Research at the University of Washington shows that when men pitch in around the house, their wives are much more likely to be satisfied with the relationship and to want more sex. You may think you're protecting your partner's feelings by faking an orgasm, but in reality you're starting down a slippery slope. Make the mind-body connection. This site is for information only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Use this heightened sensual awareness when making love to your partner. Check your meds Certain medications, including some antidepressants and contraceptive pills, can affect libido. Do something daring outside the bedroom and dopamine levels may skyrocket — along with your sex drive. Chances are, this doesn't happen often enough. Overindulgence in fatty foods leads to high blood cholesterol and obesity—both major risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Find the right time to talk. Your physical and mental wellness has a great impact on your sex life. Stress can also trigger bad habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption, which can harm your sexual performance. Try to do five sets a day. The excitement, even the passion, are MIA. Research shows that new and adventurous activities may stimulate the brain to produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in sexual desire. Check your diet Munching chocolate can boost your libido Image: If you need another reason to exercise, consider this: Even just the feeling of naughtiness you get from renting an X-rated movie might make you feel frisky. Your cardiovascular health is important If you have been lacking a bit of wind in your sails recently, it might indicated that you have heart problems. This type of fat increases blood flow. How to break the stalemate? Both men and women can improve their sexual fitness by exercising their pelvic floor muscles. For example, if you're used to making love on Saturday night, choose Sunday morning instead. The most important tool you have at your disposal is your attitude about sexuality.

Sex life tips

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  1. Take a bubble bath together—the warm cozy feeling you have when you get out of the tub can be a great lead-in to sex.

  2. Replacing bad habits with healthy ones, such as exercise and eating well, can help boost sexual health. Create an environment for lovemaking that appeals to all five of your senses.

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