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Assimilation To cope with a hostile and sometimes violent environment, participants told us that they attempt to assimilate into the predominant heterosexual culture. Data were coded by one of the coinvestigators using printed copies of the transcripts. Assuring rural MSM that their participation in a program will be confidential and known only to program staff is not sufficient because a program's identity as an HIV prevention program will prove to be a hindrance. Assimilation occurred across a number of social activities but almost always involved an avoidance of information about the self being communicated to others. Two said that they became positive while residing outside the state and 2 while they were living in Wyoming. For some, their virtual community was far more extensive than their physical community. Participants told us that getting an HIV test in Wyoming was not realistically possible.

Gay gay man sex

Analysis Data were analyzed using a constant comparative method consistent with the principles of grounded theory. Discrepancies between the recorded interview and the transcript were corrected. To avoid becoming targets of violence, participants said that they closely monitored the gender appropriateness of their appearance and behavior. The investigators were gay men who resided in the local community or who had spent substantial parts of their lives living in rural areas. Participants also said that they believed violence against gay men was socially tolerated and on occasion officially sanctioned. Peer educators will, at best, have to rely on chain referral through networks. Sample Men were eligible to be interviewed if they were 18 years or older and self-identified as gay or bisexual or had had sex with another man in the past year. Chatters on the Internet: For those participants who did not prefer bars, bathhouses provided an alternative venue. Data were analyzed for emergent themes using constant comparative analysis. For some participants, the Internet was a way into a larger gay society that could not be experienced in reality. By hostility, participants meant not only social disapproval of homosexuality as such but also the imposition of a rigid standard of social interaction that was strictly heterosexual. I had been beaten up in my home. The lack of a gay community and a gay media means that advertising must be placed in media targeting the dominant, heterosexual population. Personal awareness, however, was not the result of exposure to prevention programs. The perceptions that getting an HIV test might raise questions about one's sexuality and that testing could not be confidential put testing out of bounds for most men. Men adopted what they perceived to be masculine mannerisms and dress. I did not know what it meant. While this study is an important contribution to delineating persons with HIV in rural areas, demographic patterns evident among HIV-positive southerners may not be indicative of patterns in other regions of the United States. Participants were told that if they chose to be a part of the study, they would not be required to answer questions they perceived as uncomfortable or threatening. Basics of Grounded Theory Analysis. Our findings have implications for developing HIV prevention programs in rural frontier areas. None of the men could identify a venue in Wyoming where MSM socialize. I would be very conscientious, especially around other men, [to] keep my distance. So, they told me to deal with it.

Gay gay man sex

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  1. Rural men feel subjected to rigid and morally traditional standards of sexuality leading to secretive lives and feelings of isolation and loneliness.

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